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The People's War

Sunday September 3rd 1939

Faces and Phases by Bill Jervis

The Watsons of Lancaster
and their continuing story.
from Bill Jervis' remarkable
story of this fictional family.
war is declared and the
future looks grim

It all happened during one week:
starting a new school, war
declared and the introduction of
two evacuees into the Watson
household! Michael liked
adventures but all this
took a bit of getting used to.

formed with HQ at RAF Stanmore
on 1st April 1939

by Leo Niehorster

by David Ryan

The government also set up a
Children's Overseas Reception Board
(CORB) which arranged for children
to be sent to Canada Australia and
the USA. In the first few months over
210,000 were registered with the
scheme. However, after the
City of Bernares, on it's way to
Canada, was sunk by a German
torpedo on 17th September, 1940,
killing 73 children, the overseas
evacuation programme was
brought to a halt.

Memories of the Fleet Air Arm 1939-1945
by Richard Griffin

Keep Smiling Through
The Home Front. 1939 - 1945
author; Susan Briggs

a very good overview of many of the
aspects of living in wartime London

the underground shelters
In the long hot summer of 1939
Plymouthians witnessed the
impending and eventual outbreak
of World War II. The extended
school summer holiday saw
furious activity in the deserted
school playgrounds and verdant
public parklands. Mechanical
excavators were busy digging
trenches in these playgrounds,
in almost every City park, and
in many sports grounds. Not
even little green shrub borders
were spared.

a remarkable website
and the interesting dilemma
Woolworths found itself in

the BBC's very
extensive website

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